Korean and Japanese Fusion Restaurant

Our Menu

Power of fresh, High-quality ingredients

Each dish is a testament to our unwavering dedication to authenticity, quality, and innovation, ensuring that every bite is a delightful exploration of taste and texture.

Always Fresh

We source our vegetables and seafood locally, ensuring a burst of freshness in every bite.

Handcrafted Sauces

Experience the difference of house-made sauces and condiments that bring our dishes to life.

Comforting and Clean Atmosphere

Experience the perfect blend of comforting Korean and Japanese flavors in a warm and welcoming atmospher.

chef hands cutting sushi roll in the kitchen

Sushi & Noodles

  • California with Masago Roll $9

    Crab meat,avocado,cucumber and mayo topped with masago(capelin roe)

  • Crispy California $10

    Chicken cutlet,avocado,cucumber,mayo and Japanese Worcestershire sauce

  • Prawn Killer $19

    2pcs prawn tempura and cucumber topped with 3pcs ebi, wasabi mayo and sweet sauce

  • Crispy Roll $19

    2pcs of prawn tempura,asparagus and avocado topped with bits,tobiko(flying fish roe)and sweet sauce

  • Special Deep Fried Roll $21

    Deep fried roll with salmon,tuna,crab meat,yam tempura and avocado (All Cooked)

  • Kimchi Udon Soup $19

    Bowl of hearty Udon noodle soup with veggies and kimchi

  • Spicy Seafood Udon Soup $22

    Thick wheat  our noodles with fresh veggies and assorted seafood

  • Korean Spicy Miso Ramen Soup $14

    Korean ramen noodles and veggies + egg

  • Yakisoba $16

    Classic Japanese food made by stir-frying boiled egg noodles and veggies with a sweet and savory teriyaki sauce

  • Special Pad Thai / Special Curry Noodle $25

    Stir-frying boiled egg noodles, veggies, beef, chicken and shrimps with Pad Thai sauce / Curry sauce

Korean BBQ Dish & Rice Bowls

  • Korean short Ribs $33

    Korean barbecued beef ribs,marinated in our homemade soy mixture and grilled on charcoal grill served with veggies

  • Korean Hot n Spicy Chicken $24

    Hot and spicy chicken dish made from marinated chicken meat with veggies

  • Beef & Chicken Teriyaki $22

    Grilled chicken or our delicious stir fried beefwith homemade teriyaki sauce and veggies

  • Korean Hot n Spicy Pork Belly $24

    Super delicous hot and spicy marinated pork belly with veggies

  • Sweet N Sour Pork Meal $22

    Deep fried pork and veggies with sweet and sour sauce

  • Beef Don $17

    Warm rice bowl dish comes with veggies, egg, marinated beef and homemade sauce served over rice

  • Teriyaki Don (Chicken, Beef or Tofu) $17

    Veggies with teriyaki sauce served over rice and your choice of grilled chicken, beef or Tofu

  • Katsu Don $20

    Warm rice bowl dish comes with veggies, egg, breaded pork cutlet or Chicken with homemade sauce served over rice

  • Bibim Bap (Pork or Chicken) $23

    Korean rice dish mixed with fresh veggies,bean sprout, beef and egg served with our signature hot sauce on the side

  • Japchae Bap $24

    Korean popular dish with stir-fried sweet potato noodles, veggies,beef and homemade soy sauce served over rice

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